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(2022·四川内江·三模)During Qingming Festival, children in a village deep in the Taihang Mountains in northern China showed respect to their “grandmother”, ____1____ taught them music and fine arts, bringing them to the stage for this____2____ (year) Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing.

18 years ago, Deng Xiaolan, 79, passing away on March 21, 2022, began working ____3____ a volunteer teacher in Malan village, Fuping County, Hebei Province.

In autumn 1943, nineteen villagers sacrificed, ____4____ (help) reporters and editors from Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Daily withdraw to the mountains during a raid (突袭) by the cruel Japanese army. Deng’s mother Ding Yilan that was one of the reporters gave birth to her in ____5____ cave at this time, entrusting (托付) her to the care of local villagers. Deng ____6____ (take) good care of by them until she was 3. In 1970, she graduated as an engineer from Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Deng told villagers her being a volunteer teacher was to repay them for raising her ____7____ (generous) and treating her so well during the ____8____ (tough) stage of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

In Beijing on Feb 4, some six weeks before her passing away, 40 children from Malan, aged 5 to 11, sang the Olympic Anthem in Greek at the opening ceremony of the Winter Games in the National Stadium, also____9____ (know) as the Bird’s Nest. Deng’s family members said, “It is the greatest comfort to ____10____ (we) that she left at this highlight moment of her life. ”


1.who2.year’s 3.as 4.helping 5.a 6.was taken 7.generously 8.toughest 9.known 10.us


(2022·辽宁大连·一模)A small village in Yunnan Province is ____21____ (wide) known as the Dai paper factory. There are nets for ____22____ (dry) paper all over the village and inside villagers’ houses. Dai paper ____23____ (make) for over 800 years there up to now.

One of the best papermakers is Yan, who was already interested in Dai paper at an early age. Taught ____24____ his grandparents to be a papermaker at 16, Yan was quickly able to complete ____25____ production independently.

Unlike ordinary papermaking where trees need to be cut down, Dai paper is environmentally friendly. This is ____26____ its raw material is the recyclable bark of a kind of trees unique to the area. Dai paper’ production process is still used today. In a workshop, Yan demonstrated 11 different papermaking ____27____ (process) to us.

Although Dai paper carries the culture and ____28____ (believe) of the Dai people, the crafting of it is faced with great challenges. ____29____ (address) the problems, Yan improved Dai’s papermaking technology, thus saving production time and reducing labor costs. And then he _____30_____ (start) teaching the villagers his new papermaking process for free.


21.widely22.drying23.has been made24.by25.the 26.because27.processes28.belief/beliefs 29.To address30.started


(2022·上海·复旦附中高三期中)Directions: After reading the passage below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank.

The Economist — Japan has made a lot of noise in recent years about demolishing the traditional view that women should stay at home _____11_____men go out to work. So it was shocking when, on August 7th, Tokyo Medical University, a prestigious medical school, confessed to _____12_____ (mark) down the test scores of female applicants to keep the ratio of women in each class below 30%.

Their defence was that women are _____13_____(likely) to drop out to marry and have children. To judge female applicants _____14_____medical school purely on their merits would leave Japan with a shortage of doctors, they said. The admission has caused outrage.

Doctoring has long been a male bastion. But it is not the only one. Discrimination is common in banks and trading houses, _____15_____strength and loyalty, qualities somehow associated with men, are prized, says Mari Mliura, a political scientist at Sophia University.

All this embarrasses a government that has promised to make women “shine”, _____16_____condescending catchphrase (居高临下的口号) for female empowerment. The policy seems _____17_____(base) on the need for more workers _____18_____on genuine concern for women. Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, says he wants to bring millions more women into the workforce to make up for a labour shortage caused by its ageing and declining population.

In the filed of politics, the record under Mr. Abe’s premiership is disappointing. Just two members of his 20-strong cabinet are women, _____19_____Seiko Noda, in charge of women’s empowerment. Ms. Noda, who makes little secret of her ambition to dethrone (废黜) Mr. Abe in a leadership contest next month, ______20______(publish) a book called “Grab the Future”, her manifesto (声明) for pulling Japan into line with “global standards”. She has almost no chance of winning.


11.while 12.marking 13.more likely 14.to 15.where 16.its/a 17.based 18.rather than 19.including 20.published


(2022·江苏省如东高级中学模拟预测)Tai chi chuan or Chinese boxing, is ____31____ ancient and distinctive Chinese form of exercise ____32____ is popular throughout the world. As exercise, tai chi chuan is designed ____33____(provide) relaxation in the process of body­conditioning exercise and is drawn from the principles of taiji, notably with the harmonizing of the yin and yang, respectively the passive and active principles. It employs flowing,rhythmic, deliberate movements, with carefully ____34____(appoint) stances (站姿) and positions, but in practice no two masters teach the system ____35____(exact) alike. As a mode of attack and defence, tai chi chuan is properly considered a martial art, ____36____(resemble) to kungfu. It may be used with or   ____37____ weapons.

Freehand exercise to promote health was practised in China as early as the 3rd century, and, in the 5th century, monks of Shaolin Temple were performing exercises ____38____(imitate) the five creatures: bear, bird, deer, monkey, and tiger. The snake was added ____39____(late), and, by the early Ming Dynasty, the yin and yang principles _____40_____(add) to harmonize the whole. An assimilation (同化) of these developments, the art of tai chi chuan was systemized and named in the early Qing Dynasty.


31.an 32.which/that 33.to provide 34.appointed 35.exactly 36.resemblance 37.without 38.imitating 39.later 40.had been added


(2022·重庆南开中学模拟预测)The 9, 000-plus volunteers at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games have played ___41___vital role in ensuring that all aspects of life for the sportsmen, both on and off the field of play, have gone ___42___(smooth).

To meet the diverse needs of the para ___43___(athlete) and all participants, the volunteers ___44___(go) through a strict training program, which included training for basic medical and first-aid, how to use wheelchairs, and the ___45___(guide) on when to provide assistance and ___46___to communicate best.

Liu An’ an is one of the volunteers to have also served at the Beijing 2008 Summer Games. Back then, Liu was a sophomore student at university. Now, 14 years later, she is still at university but this time she acts ___47___a lecturer, leading a team of her own students as volunteers at Beijing 2022.

Liu has spent over 150 days training and ___48___(participate) in these Games. She is ___49___(responsibility) for the traffic permits of all sorts of transportation vehicles, and needs to coordinate with over 100 different departments, including venues media, transportation and security.

“Becoming a volunteer ____50____has served both at the Beijing 2008 Summer Games and the Beijing 2022 Winter Games is a great honor for me, and I feel a strong sense of pride and responsibility,” said Liu.


41.a42.smoothly43.athletes44.went45.guidance 46.how47.as48.participating49.responsible50.who


(2022·福建省龙岩第一中学一模)Researchers have discovered that people eat more vegetables if the veggies have fancy labels. A research team from Stanford University found that sales of vegetables increased after they were given other names — even though ____51____was no difference in the way the vegetables ____52____(prepare). The researchers conducted their research on 600 diners for several ____53____(month) at the university canteen. They labelled all vegetable dishes in four ____54____(differ) ways each day: basic, healthy restrictive, healthy positive and indulgent(放纵/任性的). The basic label just listed the vegetable name like corn. The healthy restrictive category used words such ____55____reduced-sodium (钠) corn. Vitamin-rich corn was used for the healthy positive. And a ____56____(describe) like rich buttery roasted sweet corn was reserved for the indulgent.

Researchers gave diners a wide choice of vegetables to see how effective the ____57____(delicious) descriptive labels were. They found that making the labels indulgent increased the number of people who chose ____58____(put) the vegetables on their plate, as well as the amount of vegetables ____59____(consume). Diners chose the indulgent labeling 25 percent more than the basic labeling, 35 percent more than the healthy positive labeling and 41 percent more than the healthy restrictive option. A researcher said: “Labels really can influence our sensory experience, affecting _____60_____tasty we think food will be.”


51.there 52.were prepared 53.months 54.different 55.as 56.description 57.deliciously 58.to put 59.consumed 60.how


(2022·江西萍乡·二模)The Chinese words for “fish” and “plenty” are homonyms. A whole fish, ____61____ (eat) on the eve of the lunar new year, which ____62____ (fall) on February 1st this year, represents a wish for abundance ____63____ (come). Spring rolls, with their fanciful resemblance to gold bars, represent hopes for wealth. Uncut noodles symbolize longevity.

Such ____64____ (custom) are not unique to the Chinese word. On the Jewish new year, Jews bake a ____65____ (tradition) enriched bread in a round shape to signify the cycle of life and creation. The bread is smeared with honey, ____66____ (symbolize) the wish for a sweet year. On New Year’s Day in America, black southerners have long eaten Hoppin’ John, ____67____ delicious dish of rice and black-eyed peas, coked with salt pork. The peas symbolize coins, and the greens that are usually served as well stand for dollar bill. Some people put a clean coin in the pot. Whoever gets ____68____ on their plate will enjoy good luck.

____69____ anyone actually believes in a causal relationship between eating these foods and receiving the promised benefits or not is unclear. But people have fond memories of observing them with their parents, and want to pass them _____70_____ to their own offspring. Good fortune, as they suggest, lies all around and is always within reach.


61.eaten 62.fell 63.to come 64.customs 65.traditional 66.symbolizing 67.a 68.it 69.Whether 70.down


(2022·四川泸州·三模)The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington kicked off a six-month celebration on Wednesday of the 50th anniversary of the ____71____ (arrive) of two giant pandas, celebrating the close cooperation between China and the United States in panda exchanges and preservation.

The ____72____ (one) pandas from China in the US arrived at the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute on April 16, 1972.

“We are going to have six months of celebrations both online and at the zoo. People can come ____73____ (see) the cubs and the mom and dad,” Brandie Smith, director of the national zoo, told China Daily.

Annalisa Meyer, the zoo’s deputy director of communications said: “The celebrations will run through Aug 27. The zoo ____74____ (hold) online events, as well as on-site events on April 8 and 21.

Smith said one of the highlights will be a “screening of the film, The Miracle Panda, ____75____ is our story of the giant pandas at the national zoo. And we are also going to have ____76____ event with the Chinese embassy (大使). The embassy is going to come and provide treats ____77____ people as they see the pandas.”

The documentary (纪录片) The Miracle Panda will be played for a ____78____ (limit) time at the zoo’s Visitor Center Theater only on April 16 and 17.

Also on April 16, from 9 am to 2 pm, ____79____ (visitor) can enjoy lion dance performances and calligraphy demonstrations. They can also speak with the zoo’s scientists who study giant pandas, and they can watch the pandas receive the special treats that _____80_____ (prepare) for them.


71.arrival 72.first 73.to see 74.will hold 75.which 76.an 77.for 78.limited 79.visitors 80.are prepared


(2022·山东聊城·二模)Recognizing a cat’s emotions from its face is often hard, even for its owners, Now, researchers from Canada’s University of Guelph insist that cats also express emotions on their faces—one just has to learn how to interpret____81____(they)!

For their study, Professors Lee Niel and Georgia Mason surveyed 6,300____82____(volunteer) from 85 countries. The participants____83____(show) the cats’ faces from a series of short videos.

The researchers, who published their findings in the November 2019 issue of Animal Welfare, found that only 819 participants were able to read the cats’ emotions____84____(accurate) over 75 percent of the time. Further research showed that the so-called “cat whisperers” were primarily women and veterinarians, and younger adults also seemed to be able to read the expressions even____85____(well) than older individuals.

Surprisingly, being a cat owner did not help to read cats’ emotions, indicating that a strong attachment to the animal did not necessarily mean____86____better understanding of its emotions.

The researchers believe cats’ expressions can be learned over time,____87____explains why veterinary (兽医的) staff scored high____88____the study. “This is important to be able to do because it could help strengthen the bond between owners and cats, and so improve cat care and welfare,” said Niel.

___89__(find) out if you have what it takes to be a “cat whisperer”, take the fun cat faces quiz __90__ (create) by the study’s researchers.


81.them 82.volunteers 83.were shown 84.accurately 85.better 86.a 87.which 88.in 89.To find 90.created


(2022·广东茂名·二模)On June 18, Qiyun Mountain Customs Exhibition was displayed in the Water Cube in Beijing. This exhibition is ___91___important part of “Search for Taoist Mountains (道教山)”, the 2nd customs exhibition of “Wild China & Beautiful Land”, ___92___was sponsored by the China Landscape and Historic Sites Association. Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province, Qingcheng Mountain and Tais-han Mountain are also ___93___display.

___94___(support) by the special space of the Water Cube and tourist gathering areas like passageways and the center stage, the brilliant Taoist culture is ___95___(vivid) displayed in three dimensions. Tourists are led in___96___(explore) of the Taoist mountains which ___97___(witness) the Chinese civilization for five thousand years and they can appreciate the infinite charm of Qiyun Mountain.

Qiyun Mountain Customs Exhibition was co-hosted by Qiyun Mountain Management Committee and Sunriver. The ___98___(form) of this exhibition were rich and colorful and the performance methods were fine and ___99___(comprehend). The period of Qiyun Mountain Customs Exhibition will continue until October this year. During the exhibition, some other displays ___100___(focus) on the theme “Wild China & Beautiful Land” will be displayed in the Water Cube. Audience numbers will be over 10 million.


91.an 92.which 93.on 94.Supported 95.vividly 96.exploration 97.have witnessed 98.forms 99.comprehensive 100.focusing


(2022·山西省长治市第二中学校模拟预测)Our cat is dead. My daughter, ____101____ is just two years old, knows this. But she keeps asking where it’s gone and what has happened to it.

My parents ____102____(be) straightforward m admitting they didn’t know what happened after our death when I asked them in my childhood. But I want to give my daughter a slightly ____103____(good) answer to her question about the topic than ____104____(they).

One day when she asked the same question, I told my daughter that the cat was out in the field, I told her that when animals, including people, died, they were usually put into the ground and that their bodies became ____105____(variety) pretty flowers, grasses and trees. I passed my hand over her blonde hair, gently touched her rosy cheeks and checked her ____106____(react). She didn’t appear ____107____(trouble). Instead, she seemed excited by the thought of one day becoming a flower.

Then, I reached ____108____ my daughter’s hand and asked her ____109____(take) a walk in the field. Together, we saw new leaves growing in the sun and pretty flowers waving in the gentle wind. Suddenly, I realized that although we were bound to become plant fertilizer, we were not the lonely humans aimlessly wandering in the world. We were a part of the earth. We were connected by the beautiful plants in _____110_____ field.


101.who 102.were 103.better 104.theirs 105.various 106.reaction 107.troubled 108.for 109.to take 110.the


(2022·江西·临川一中模拟预测)BEIJING — Through continous efforts of the Chinese government, Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer of China’s telecommunication giant Huawei, has already left Canada, on September 24 local time, on a charter flight____111____ (organize)by the Chinese government. Soon she ____112____ (return)to her home country .

According to a statement issued earlier by one of the____113____ (lawyer)who represents Meng, she has not pleaded guilty. Meng will not be prosecuted(起诉)____114____ (far)in the United States and the extradition(引渡)proceedings in Canada will be ended. It marks ____115____ end of Meng’s nearly three-year detention(拘留)in Canada. Meng Wanzhou was arrested by Canadian authorities ____116____ the request of the US in December 2018.

On the flight____117____ (head)home, Meng expressed her____118____ (grateful) to the country.“Without a strong nation, I would not be free as I am today,” said Meng from the airplane, ____119____ is to land in China in a few hours. “The road back home, ____120____ full of twists and turns, is the most heart-warming journey in the world.” She said.


111.organized 112.will return 113.lawyers 114.further 115.the 116.at 117.heading 118.gratitude 119.which 120.though/although/while


(2022·湖南·雅礼中学一模)With the rapid development of third-party mobile payment tools, ___121___increasing number of consumers across China are using cashless payment methods.

Transactions(交易)___122___(involve) third-party mobile payments rose by 39. 1 percent in the first quarter of 2021 compared ___123___ the previous quarter to 74 trillion yuan. Although China has the most third-party payment accounts in the world, it is not the first country ___124___(seek) a cashless society. Developed states like Sweden, Denmark and Singapore are also witnessing that increase.

However, the rapid development of cashless payments does not mean there are no challenges and criticisms. Alibaba’s Hema Fresh Store, ___125___ customers can shop, dine and order goods for delivery from their mobile phones via Alipay, ___126___(come) into the spotlight recently. Media reports say that consumers can’t purchase goods with cash there, which would be considered ___127___(legal).

Alipay and WeChat Pay, the nation’s two major third-party mobile payment tools, have also launched ___128___(campaign) to encourage more merchants and customers to use cashless payment methods, which has caused concerns over ___129___ cash will soon disappear.

However, experts believe that a cashless society does not mean that cash will ____130____(complete) disappear. As the economy grows, the circulation of cash is still very huge. In the long term, various payment methods will be used by consumers, and merchants should respect consumers’ payment habits.


121.an 122.involving 123.with/to 124.to seek 125.where 126.has come 127.illegal 128.campaigns 129.whether 130.completely


(2022·海南·模拟预测)Last month, I went to China to travel. While ____131____ (do) some research about the trip, I discovered that Chengdu had the pandas, so I decided to go there.

On my sixth day, I finally had a chance ____132____ (visit) the pandas! I didn’t go to the famous panda reservation in Wolong, but to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding directly, which is much ____133____ (close), because I had heard that people might not see the pandas in Wolong but I wanted to be sure to see these cute fellows. At 7:30 a.m. I ____134____ (join)a group of five fellow panda ____135____ (fan) and we set off. My friends, ____136____ had visited the pandas before, told me about ____137____ active the pandas were, always playing around. However, all we saw them doing was sleeping and eating. I thought they must be tired, because most of them ____138____ (bare) moved. A few minutes later, a ____139____ (sleep) panda came down ____140____ his tree house to the ground. He was absolutely lovable.


131.doing 132.to visit 133.closer 134.joined 135.fans 136.who 137.how 138.barely 139.sleepy 140.from

Passage15押选主题: CES科技展上的无人驾驶的拖拉机)(2022·河北衡水·二模)One of the biggest themes at this year’s CES tech show was electric and autonomous transportation — cars, trucks, bikes, boats. And, it turns out, tractors.

Farm-equipment giant Deere showed a new autonomous tractor with ____141____ attached tillage (耕作) tool at CES. For those not familiar ____142___ farm life, Julian Sanchez, Deere’s director of emerging technologies, says that tillage is an ____143____ (importance), time-consuming, and tiring process of preparing the soil for next season s planting. If you don’t do it fast, the ground could freeze. And ___144____ (effective) tilling means some seeds won’t take and yield (产量) ____145____ (drop).

While automatic driving has been on tractors for several ____146____(year ), Deere’s autonomous tractor can operate without. a driver in the cab. The tractor can detect obstacles ____147____ might damage the attached tiller. And, he says, it can run around the clock, saving time and labor, and improving productivity by as much as 20%.

If the tilling is too shallow, you don’t break up the straw too deep, and the tractor moves too ____148____ (slow), increasing fuel costs. This system includes six cameras to detect holes, rocks, or other materials, ____149____ (inform) the farmer when an issue needs to be addressed. Eventually. Deere expects ____150____ (add) other tasks to the autonomous tractor.   


141.an 142.with 143.important 144.ineffective 145.will drop 146.years 147.that/which 148.slowly 149.informing 150.to add


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