– Put on:穿上/戴上/上演;
搭配例句:I need to put on my coat before going out.(我得先穿上外套再出门。)
The theater company put on a fantastic performance of “Hamlet” last night.(昨晚,剧院公司上演了一场精彩的《哈姆雷特》表演。)

– Put off:推迟;
搭配例句:We decided to put off the meeting until next week.(我们决定把那个会议推迟到下周。)

– Put up:搭建/举起某物/提供住所/举办活动或比赛;
搭配例句:Can I put up with you for a few days?(我可以和你住几天吗?)
We need to put up the tent.(我们需要把帐篷给搭建起来。)
They put up a stage in the park.(他们在公园里搭建了一个舞台。)
My friends put me up in their house.(我的朋友在他们的家中给我提供了住所。)
We’re putting up a party for tomorrow’s victory.(我们正在为明天的胜利举办一次派对。)

– Put away:收起来;
搭配例句:Please put away your toys after playing.(玩完后请把玩具收起来。)

– Put down:放下;
搭配例句:She put down the book and looked up at me.(她放下书,向我看了一眼。)

-Put into:把某物放进…、投入,使用
搭配例句: He put the money into his pocket.(他把钱放进了口袋。)
The company decided to put more resources into the project.(公司决定在这个项目上投入更多资源。)
She put a lot of effort into her presentation.(她在演讲上投入了很多精力。)
We need to put more thought into this plan.(我们需要更加深入地考虑这个计划。)

-Put up with:含义:忍受,容忍。
搭配例句: I can’t put up with the noise any longer.(我再也不能忍受这噪音了。)
He had to put up with a lot of criticism in his job.(他在工作中必须忍受很多批评。)
She couldn’t put up with his constant complaining.(她无法忍受他不停地抱怨。)



– put away 收起,放好
– put down 放下
– put aside 搁置,不管

– put on 穿上
– put off 脱下,延迟,推迟

– put forth 发表,提出,提出(问题)
– put into practice 实施

– put up 竖起,搭起
– put down 摆放(庆祝活动等)
– put together 组装,拼起来
– put through 使通过,使接通(电话)


– 在购物时,我们可能会问店员: Can you put this in a bag for me?(你能帮我把这个放到袋子里吗?)
– 同事可能会说:I’ll put the report on your desk when it’s done.(我完成报告后会把它放到你的桌子上。)
– 父母会对孩子说:Put on your shoes before going outside.(出门前先穿好鞋。)

– put it there(把它放到那里):表示要求对方把物品放到指定的位置上。
– put two and two together(理解隐含意义):表示对某个事件进行推理、猜测。
– put your feet up(放松一下):表示让对方休息一下,放松身心。
– put someone in their place(让某人知晓自己的位置):表示让某人了解自己的地位和行为举止。
– put on a brave face(淡定自若):表示想要表现得坚强和镇定。




1、Could you please ______ the cake in the fridge? (put away/put on/put off/put down)
2、Don’t ______ your dreams. (put up/put away/put off/put on)
3、He ______ the package on the table. (put up/put away/put off/put down)
4、I can’t ______ the noise outside anymore. (put up with/put down/put off/put on)
5、I need to ______ this project until next week. (put on/put off/put away/put up)
6、She ______ a happy face when she saw him. (put on/put away/put off/put up)
7、Could you please ______ the phone and answer it for me? (put on/put down/put away/put up)
8、He can’t ______ with the heavy workload anymore. (put up/put away/put off/put on)
9、Please ______ the TV when you leave the room. (put away/put on/put off/put down)
10、They will ______ the new policy into effect next month. (put up/put away/put off/put into)

答案:1、put away;2、put off;3、put down;4、put up with;5、put off;6、put on;7、put down;8、put up with;9、put away;10、put into。


1)She _____ her phone on the desk before going to bed.
A. put on B. put off C. put up D. put down

2)We need to _____ the chairs after the meeting.
A. put down B. put away C. put forth D. put together

3)The new government plans to _____ the policy of environmental protection.
A. put up B. put on C. put into practice D. put aside

4)The company decided to _____ the meeting until next week.
A. put away B. put off C. put on D. put through

5)She _____ her glasses and started to read the book.
A. put off B. put aside C. put on D. put up

6)The construction team began to _____ the bridge yesterday.
A. put off B. put together C. put up D. put in

7)He _____ a lot of effort to finish the project on time.
A. put out B. put in C. put aside D. put away

8)Please _____ the tickets and your passport before boarding the plane.
A. put away B. put off C. put in D. put together

9)The little girl _____ the toy and started to play with it.
A. put up B. put aside C. put in D. put on

10)I managed to _____ to the company director after several attempts.
A. put through B. put off C. put aside D. put away

答案:1.B 2.B 3.C 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.D 10.A


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