高考词汇 – 熟词生义-背



序号单 词熟 义生 义学 习 要 点
1across横过; 越过1、到、在对面 (adv/prep)He lives across the street.他住在街对面。
the house across the street 街道对面的房子
2、宽(adv)  The river is 50 metres across. 河宽50米。
The tree measures 50 cm across.
2add增加,加起来接着说, 补充说I should like to add that we are pleased with the test result.我还要补充说一下,我们对测试结果表示满意。
3address地址;住址(n)  1、演说; 正式讲演an address of welcome欢迎词
2、对…讲演或发表演说(vt)address a meeting向大会发表演说
address the whole nation 向全国发表演说 addressed me in low tones.低声与我交谈
3、称呼;用特殊的头衔称呼How shall I address you? 我应当怎样称呼您呢? Don’t address me as ‘boss’. 不要叫我“老板”。
4、写姓名地址(vt)  address the letter /envelope 在信上写地址
The envelope is addressed to Jack Johnson, Esq. 信封上写着杰克·约翰逊先生收。
4admit承认1、准许进入      This ticket admits two people to the football match. 这张票可供两人入场看足球赛。 be admitted to /into Beijing University 被北京大学录取
2、接[容]纳;容许The cinema admits about 2000 people.这座电影院大约可坐 2000 人。
The rules and regulations admit of no other explanation. 这些规章制度不容许有其他解释。His illness admits of no delay.他的病不容拖延。
5afford担负得起费用抽得出(时间)He can’t afford an hour for lunch.他抽不出一小时吃午饭。
I can’t afford three weeks away from work.我无法丢下工作三星期。
6  against反对, 逆着, 倚靠着,与…成对照  against a dark background 与黑色背景成对照; The picture looks better against the light wall. 这幅画挂在浅色的墙上显得更美。
  2、防备;防御  against the cold 防冷
against a rainy day 防备雨天
We are all taking medicine against the flu.我们都在服药预防流感。
be prepared against war and natural disasters备战备荒
7air空气,天空发表(意见等)air one’s views发表意见
使通风, 使通气She aired the room by opening the window. 她打开窗子使房间通风。
8allow允许,准许给予;使得到  allowed him £1000 for expenses 给他每年1000 英镑的开销
容许(of)    allow of no excuse不容辩解
The situations allow of no excuse.形势不容许拖延; 形势刻不容缓。
体谅; 考虑到;顾及(for)We must allow for his youth.我们应当体谅他年轻。
酌留;预计  allow 10% for inflation 允许10%的通货膨胀 allow 15 minutes for delay 预留15分钟以防耽搁
9alone单独地, 独自地[用在名词或代词之后]只有, 唯有, 仅仅Smith alone knew what happened. 只有史密斯知道发生了什么事。
The key alone will open the door. 只有这把钥匙能开这个门。
10attend出席,参加侍侯,照应,与on/ upon 连用)attend the very sick patients 照应重病人
attend on / upon a very sick man
处理、料理(与to 连用)attend to the problem  
11beat连续击打, 揍击败,战胜(用于比赛中)beat sb at the table tennis match  
规律性地拍击to beat a drum 击鼓
The heart beats. 心脏跳动。
My pulse beats normally.我脉搏正常。
搅拌to beat eggs 打鸡蛋
鼓(翼)The bird beat its wings. 鸟扑打翅膀。
12beyond超出、超过 [表示范围, 限度]除…以外 [常用于否定句和疑问句]asked for nothing beyond peace and quiet.除平安和平静外一无所求  
晚于、迟于…, 到…以后Don’t stay there beyond midnight. 不要过了午夜还留在那儿。
在[向]…的那边, 在…之外The road is beyond that hill.路在山的那一边。 Just beyond the fence.就在篱笆那边
13block(大)块;(大)片;街区阻塞; 堵住,阻挡(vt)The police have blocked the road. 警察已经封锁了道路。
block out light阻挡光线
trees that block the view
障碍物;阻塞(n)a block in the pipes 管道阻塞
to put up a road block 设置路障
14book预定You’ll have to book up early. 你要早一点订座。 The secretary has booked the manager in at the Hilton Hotel. 秘书已经在希尔顿大酒店为经理预定了房间。
15build建造, 建筑体格;体型We’re of the same build.我们体型相同
a man of strong build体格健壮的人
16business商业, 买卖, 交易, 生意,商店,商行  He has a business in the town. 他在城里有一家商店。
run / operate/ manage a business
营业in business; on business
职责;本分  It’s a teacher’s business to make children learn. 使学生学习是老师的责任。
事情, 事物Mind your own business. It’s none of your business.
17capital首都, 首都的资本;资金; 资方;The Smith Company has a capital of $ 30.000.史密斯公司有3万美元的资本。
2、大写字母 大写的(字母)capital letters 大写字母 Write your name in capitals. 用大写字母写你的名字。
18charge收费,索价(vt)   费用(n)   主管,负责指控(v /n)  He was charged with stealing a car. 他被指控偷了一辆汽车。
(charge sb. with sth ; 类似 accuse sb. of sth) a charge of stealing 偷窃罪的指控
2、猛冲;攻击;向前冲  The boy charged into the room. 男孩冲进屋里。Suddenly the wild animal charged at us.突然那头野兽朝我们冲过来。
Charge the enemy向敌人发起冲锋
3、充电、装(满),  装料,charge a gun with powder 用火药填满炮
19coin硬币1、造币;铸币  The government has decided to coin more one-yuan pieces. 政府决定再铸造一些一元的硬币。coin gold.铸造金币
2、杜撰设计(新单词或短语)Do not coin terms that are intelligible to nobody. 不要生造谁也不懂的词语。
3、coin (adj.) 投币式的(操作需要一块或多块金属币的);自助式的a coin washing machine. 投币洗衣机
20collect.收集1、收(租, 税, 帐等); 募(捐)collect the electricity fee收取电费。
collect taxes.收税
collect (raise)  money 募集资金
2、领取(信件等);接走(人、物)  Today it is his turn to collect the children from school in the community. 今天该轮到他把孩子们从社区学校接回去。
  3、使镇静;集中(思想等)The old lady tried to collect her thoughts but she was too excited.”老太太力图镇定下来,但是太激动了。
“Before you begin to make a speech, you should  collect your thoughts and ideas.在你开始讲话之前,你应当集中你的思想和意念。collect one’s emotions.镇定情绪
collect oneself心平气和, 平心静气, 镇定一下
21company公司,陪伴、伴侣  He kept me company. 他陪伴我。
in the company of在…陪同下
I had no company on the journey. 我在旅行中没有同伴。
22contentn.内容, 容量, 目录, 满足(to one’s heart’s content心满意足 adj.满足的, 满意的, 愿意使…满意或满足vt.    Nothing contents her, she is always complaining. 没有什么能使她满意,她总是抱怨。contented himself with one piece of cake.(他)吃了一块蛋糕非常地满足
2、含量the content of silver in a ton of ore 一吨矿砂中银的含量
23corner角落, (街道)拐角处,把…难住;使走投无路The dog cornered the rat. 狗把老鼠逼到一个角落。
24count数数, 计算 (count down 倒计时)1、依靠,依赖(on)You can count on my help.你可以依赖我的帮助
认为;视为;看作count it an honor (to do sth.) (把做某事)引以为荣
3、有价值;重要;有用Every second counts. 每一秒钟都很重要。 You really count with me.对我来说你确实很重要
25cover盖子, 封面 覆盖占(时间或空间))The town covers 5 square miles. 小镇占地5平方英里。
走完(一段路程)I want to cover 100 miles by dark. 我想在天黑之前走完100英里
行新闻采访cover a fire for a newspaper 为报纸采访失火的新闻
够付(费用) 足以抵补[补偿These expenses are covered by the state. 这些费用都由国家负担。
cover the loss弥补损失
  5、包括;包含;论及The review covered everything we learned last term. 这次复习包括上学期我们所学的全部课程。
6、看完(多少页书)cover fifty pages in 15 minutes
26crazy疯狂的;精神错乱的;蠢的着迷的;狂热的She’s crazy about dancing. 她热衷于跳舞。
be crazy about [over]热衷于, 醉心于 ;爱上, 迷恋着
补充:like crazy [mad] [口]发疯似地; 拼命地; 猛烈地
They were running around like crazy.他们拚命地跑着
27date日期 起始于(某时期); 属于(某时期) date back to / date from男女之间的)约会; 约会的对象;与…约会She is my date.她跟我有约会。
have a date with sb./date with sb.  
28develop发展, 形成,研制,开发冲洗(胶片、相片等)develop films /photos冲洗胶卷
29draw画图吸引;拉;抽; 平局(vi. vt. & n)draw a curtain across a window 把窗帘拉上 draw a sword拔出刀
draw water from the well 从井中把水抽出来draw a lesson吸取教训
draw 20dollars from the bank从银行提取20美元
draw a conclusion引出、得出结论
draw one’s attention(to …)引起某人注意… The street accident drew a big crowd. 马路上的事故吸引了一大群人。
The game was drawn.比赛打成了平局。
The teams draw. 两队不分胜负。
The game ended in a draw. 比赛不分胜负 (平局;不分胜负)
30due与to 连用 due to … 因为;由…引起;由于1、预定到达Their plane is due in 15 minutes. 他们的飞机预定在15分钟后到达
预期的Your report is due tomorrow. 你的报告应于明天交。
2、(票据等)到期的,应付给的a bill due today 今天应付款的帐单 When is the rent due? 房租应于何时支付。
3、应有的,应得的,正当的give due consideration to 给于应有的考虑 A great deal of money is due to you. 这一大笔款是你应得的。
31employ雇用使[采、利]用      employ force 使用武力
Why didn’t you employ the new method? 你们为什么不采用那个新方法呢?
She employs her time wisely.她善于利用时间。(employ… as把…用作)
32enter进入; 加入;登录, [计]回车使进[加]入enter (oneself[sb.]) for(替…)报名参加
写下或输入We entered our names in the guest book; 我们在来客名薄上写下姓名;
enter the data into the computer.把数据输入电脑
33equal平等的;相等的; 等于(vt)1、胜任的  John is quite equal to the job of running the office.约翰很能胜任主理这个办事处的工作。
2、比得上(vt)None of us can equal her. 没人比得上她。
34exercise练习;锻炼(v / n)运用(权力)等(v / n)exercise one’s right 运用自己的权利
exercise one’s intelligence to solve the problem。运用智慧解决问题
35exploit剥削(v)开发, 开采exploit a mine开矿
to exploit the oil under the sea 开发海底石油
利用(v)exploit every opportunity 利用每一个机会
36express表达, 表示1、快速的;快递的an express train  
2、快车(= express train) 快递服务;快件服务the No. 12 special express to Beijing 开往北京的12 次特快
3、快速地;用快递方式地advto sent the parcel express 包裹寄快件
37fair公平的 (adj.)(肤色)白皙的, (头发)金黄的(天气)晴朗的fair skin.白皙的皮肤
fair hair.金发
fair skies.晴朗的天空
集市 商品展览会;商品交易会village fair农村集市
trade fair商品交易会
industrial fair工业博览会
adv 公平地;公正诚实地You must play fair. 你必须公正处事。你必须公平地比赛。
38figure数字, 人像;画像; 图;图表人物  the great figures of history 历史上的伟大人物
领会, 懂得      We must figure out how to solve the problem. 我们必须想出解决这个问题的办法。
I couldn’t figure out who the lady with the sunglasses was.我想不出那位戴墨镜的夫人是谁。(figure out算出;了解)
He figured the whole scheme at once.他马上就懂得了整个计划。
推测, 判断, 估计I figure he’ll be back soon. 我估计他很快会回来。
2、步行We’ll foot it.我们将步行去。
2、与… 时常交往I know him, but I don’t frequent him much.我认识他, 但不常往来。
39game比赛, 游戏, 竞赛, [复]运动会猎物,野味(不可数)Lions and elephants are called big game when they are hunted.被追捕的狮和象称为大猎物。
40gift赠品, 礼物,天赋, 才能He has a gift for poetry. 他有做诗的天赋。
a man of many gifts 多才多艺的人
41grade等级;级别;年级1、成绩;分数He always got high grades in school. 他在学校里总是得高分。
2、分等,分级(vt.)to grade the cotton 给棉花分等
These apples have been graded according to size and quality.这些苹果已经按照大小和质量分了等级。
 补充:He graduated in history. 他毕业于历史专业。
He graduated with honors. 他以优异成绩毕业。
He was [has been] graduated from Oxford in the class of 1978. 他是牛津大学1978届毕业生。(授予学位, 准予毕业)
42hold拿着,握着召开,举行;使身体保持某种姿势 Hold yourself still. 身体不要动。
抑制;控制to hold one’s breath 屏住气
容纳;装  The room can hold twenty people. 这屋子可容下20个人。
How much water does the jug hold?那罐子能盛多少水?
占有;占据;坚守to hold a position 坚守阵地
拥有,持有(金钱、土地、职位等)  hold an important position at the bank. 在这家银行里担任一个重要的职务。
My husband and I hold conflicting opinions on this matter.”对于这件事,我和丈夫的意见相左。
保持;继续    “Hold the line, please.”请不要挂断电话机! Do you think the good weather can hold?你认为好天气能持续下去吗?
认为,以为  I hold it for certain.我以为那是确实的。
We hold that no country should interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.我们认为一国不应干涉他国的内政。
hold … to be…
拘留,扣留  held the suspect for questioning.拘留嫌疑犯以待审讯
2、熟悉She has a good knowledge of London. 她对伦敦的情形很熟悉。
43land陆地; 土地,(使)登陆, (使)登岸,(使)着陆;  国家war between lands 国与国之间的战争
捕(鱼) 抓住或钓上(鱼)land a big catfish. 钓上一条大鲇鱼
(非正式)搞到,捞到,获得,取得land a well-paid job; 找到一份收入很高的工作
land a contract with a Japanese firm 揽到一份与一家日本公司的合同
44late迟的, 晚(期)的(adj/ adv)1、已故的 前任的    the late doctor已故的医生
the late president前任总统
the late government 上届政府
his late wife 他已亡故的妻子
2、新近的,最近的the late news最近的新闻
the late earthquake最近的地震
3、不久前、新近(adv)I saw Mr. Wang as late as yesterday. 就在昨天我还看见过王先生。
 补充:1、of late近来feel better of late.最近感觉好多了
2、latest(late的最高级): 最后的、最近的、最新的  latest news at (the ) latest至迟、最迟
3、later (on) 以后、后来
45last最后的,最末的; 紧接前面的;刚过去的(adj) 最后(的人、东西); 最后,上次  1、vi. 持续, 延续, 维持; 耐久The festival lasted two days.节日持续了两天。
This cloth lasts well.这种布很耐穿。
2、够用、使得以维持(vt)The food will last us another week. 食品够我们再吃一星期。
3、最不可能的least likely or expected);最不适当的,最不合适的(the least desirable or suitable)the last person we would have suspected. 我们最不可能怀疑的人
the last man for the job.对这项工作最不合适的人  
46lead领导,引导, 铅1、通往(向)(to)The path leads to the village. 这条小路通到那村庄。
导致(to)lead to the thief being caught
在比赛中)领先After the first half of the race I was leading. 跑了一半赛程后我领先了
She was in the lead during the race. 她在赛跑中领先。
过(生活)He led a hard life.他的日子过得很苦。
榜样,带头take the lead in everything
47leave离开, 动身;留下,把…(落)遗忘在某地;把…交付(委托)给1、使…处于某种状态        leave the work undone丢下工作不干 leave him an orphan 使他成为孤儿 leave him sad 使他伤心 leave the raincoat hanging behind the door 让雨衣挂在门后leave sb. in the dark 不让某人知道
2、听任      leave him there让他呆在那里吧。
leave it as it is让它保持原样。
I will leave you to do as you like. 你爱做什么就做什么。
3、准[休]假, 假期(不可数)    ask for leave请假
ask for two days’ leave(take two days off)请两天假
be on leave 在度假;在假期中
grant / give sb a leave准某人的假(此处冠词为特殊用法)
48lift举起,.升高, 提高; [英]电梯; 吊车1、免费搭乘,搭便车He gave me a lift to the station in his car. 他让我搭他的汽车去火车站。
2、窃取(尤指小件物品);抄袭,从已发表的东西上照抄、剽取(观点、文章等)He was caught lifting make-up in the supermarket. Many of his ideas were lifted from other authors.他的许多见解都是从其他作家那里剽窃来的。
49line绳;线,路线,线路; 排,列(n);(使)排列,排队(v)运输公司an airline航空公司 a shipping line 海运公司
(pl) 台词  spend the weekend learning her lines. 利用熟记她的台词
短信;便条I’ll drop you a line.我会留个便条给你
50lesson功课, (一节)课, [pl.] 课程教训teach sb. a lesson给某人以教训
earn one’s lesson得到教训
be a lesson to对…是一个教训
51live生活, 居住, 实况地, 实况转播的,adj.活的live animals.活着的动物
live shrimps活虾
live 表此意仅用于修饰动物、家禽、鱼等。 live broadcast 现场直播
52major较大的,主要的,重要的[美口]主修, 专攻He majors in physics.他主修物理。
专业学生He is a history major.他是主修历史的学生
53  manner态度, 举止 方法; 方式; 样子;(艺术、文学的)风格, 手法
54mass块;团;堆大多数,  大量1、群众the masses群众, 民众
2、群众的, 大规模的mass education大众教育; mass production.大规模生产
 补充:a mass of = masses of)许多/大量…
55match比赛 ,火柴匹配、匹 敌(vi / vt)    The color of the shirt does not match that of the coat.衬衫的颜色与上衣不相配。
The curtains do not match with the decoration.窗帘与室内装璜不相配。
I’m ready to match my strength with [against] yours.我准备和你较量较量。
These two are well matched in strength.他们俩势均力敌。
2、对手; 相似的人[物], 相配的人[物]You are no match for him. 你不是他的对手。 find [meet] one’s match 遇到对手, 棋逢对手 best match最佳匹配
The blue shirt and gray tie are a good match.蓝衬衫与灰领带很谐调。
 补充:strike a match 划一根火柴
56matter事件, 问题1、物质(不可数)  Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas.物质以三种状态存在: 固态、液态和气态。
2、[pl.]事态,情况That’s how matters stand.目前情况就是这样。
3、有问题的,有毛病的(与the 连用)I have no idea what is the matter. There is nothing the matter with it. (the matter = wrong)
4、有关系, 有重要性,要紧(vi)What matters most is that you should have confidence in yourself.
 补充: as a matter of fact ; a matter of time
57mean意思是、意味着; 意欲/想要;意指吝啬的;小气的;卑鄙的be mean with money花钱小气
be mean about/ over 在…方面很小气
a mean motive.卑鄙的动机
(因能力、命运等)注定I believe he is meant to be a soldier. 我相信他天生是要当军人的。
用意(v)  He means ill /well to me.他对我怀有好意/ 恶意.
关系重大;重要My friends mean a lot to me. 我的朋友对我来说非常重要。
方法、手段(means,单复数同形)Every means has been tried, All means have been tried. by means of ….; by this / these means
 1、be meant to必须;得要You are meant to leave a tip. 你得留下小费。
2、by all means当然;当然可以
3、by no means并没有;绝不: By no means should this remark be taken lightly.这次讲话绝不能等闲视之
58measure尺寸, 量度的单位; 量具;量器;测量,措施;办法      They took strong measures against dangerous drivers. 他们对危害公众的司机采取强硬的措施。
take measures to do sth / about sth
2、斟酌, 权衡She works hard and doesn’t measure the cost to her health.她工作勤恳并不考虑身体代价。 He measures his words with caution. 他仔细斟酌着字句
 The room measures five metres across. 这房间有五米宽。
be measured in feet用英尺量
make sth to one’s own measure
59monitor班长  监听器, 监视器, 监控器; 〈计〉显示器air monitor空气监测器    
.监控(v)  monitor an examination监考monitor the enemy’s radio broadcasts监听敌方的电台广播
60must必须 肯定必需的东西; 必须做的事warm clothes are a must in the mountains. 住山里必须备有厚衣服。
61nail指甲, 钉, 钉子vt.钉, 将…钉牢He nailed the picture to the wall. 把画钉在墙上。
62narrow狭窄的;狭隘的vi变窄vt.使变狭窄, 使缩小勉强的;险胜的a narrow victory 险胜 a narrow escape 死里逃生/侥幸逃脱
63nature自然, 自然界本性, 天性; 特性good nature好心肠, 温和的性格, 好脾气 human nature人性
64note笔记;记录 注释;短笺;便条; 纸币;钞票;音调;音符 口气;调子记下  The pupil noted what the teacher said. 学生记下了老师的话。
注意(到)  Please note that this bill must be paid within 10 days. 请注意这张账单必须在10天之内付清。
名望, 显要a man of note有名望的人, 名人
noted  adj.著名的
compare notes交流经验;交换意见
of note著名的;重要的
65object物体, 目标, 宾语, 对象反对(与to连用)strongly object to developing private cars.强烈反对发展私人小汽车。
object to the proposal.反对这个提议。
The general public objects to the use of drugs. 大众反对使用毒品。
66operate动手术, 开刀(operate on sb/ sth)操作operate a computer / machine
(机器)工作、运转The lift doesn’t operate properly.
67order命令; 吩咐;次序; 秩序;整齐,有条不紊定购;预定      order sth by mail
order books by telephone
You’d better order a taxi. 你最好还是去预定一辆出租汽车。
点(菜);叫(菜) 正常(工作)状态,What drinks shall we order? 我们叫什么饮料?
 The telephone’s out of order. 电话机坏了。 in (good) order
68owe欠, 欠债1、感恩;感激  We owe our parents a lot. 我们十分感激父母。
I owe you for your help.我感谢你的帮助。
  2、(常与to连用)归功于She owes her success to good luck. 她把成功归功于幸运。
The young writer owed his success to his teacher’s encouragement. 年轻作家把自己的成功归于他老师的鼓励。
3.欠钱The food cost £4 , but I only paid £3 so I still owe £1. 食品要4英镑,可我只付了3英镑,因此我还欠1英镑。

I owe you an apology.我该向你道歉。 owe sb. some money
69park 1、停放(车辆); 停车  Please park your car in the parking lot and hike in.”请把车停在外面停车场,步行进去。” No permission to park!不准停车!
No parking here.此处禁止停车。
2、停车场car park停(汽)车处
3、区,地区industrial park工业区(一般在郊区)
70passage(演讲、文章、音乐等的)一节,一段1、通行;通过    The wooden bridge is not strong enough to allow the passage of lorries. “这座木桥不够坚固,载重货车不能通行。
2、(狭窄的)通道;走廊wait in the passage  在走廊等候 air passage气路, 空气道
71perform表演;演(剧)履行, 执行,完成  perform one’s duties/promise/contract 履行职责/诺言/合同 perform a task 完成/执行一项任务
表现He performs well.他表现很好。
72picnic(自带食品的)野餐, 郊游去郊游, 去野餐My family often picnicked in the woods last year.(注意picnic的过去式与过去分词以及现在分词的构成:picnicked/ picnicking)
73picture.画, 图画, 照片想象      I can’t picture myself as a mother.我无法想象自己做母亲。
She pictured herself at school in a foreign country. 她想象自己在国外上学。
It is hard to picture life 200 years ago. 很难想象200年前人们的生活。
2、(生动地)描绘、描述picture one’s suffering during the war 生动描述了战争中的苦难。
74plain平原;旷野1、平坦的the plain field 平野
2、简单的、朴素的the plain food/meal/living/clothes 清淡的食物/便饭/朴素的生活/便服
3、清楚的;明白的in plain English讲简单的英语  
4、坦率的;实话实说的in plain words坦白地说 plain talk.开诚布公的交谈
75plant植物;种植工厂chemical plant 化工厂power plant 发电厂 ship-building plant 造船厂
76post邮寄,邮政;投寄; 邮报贴出;张贴(常与up连用)The names of the members of the team will be posted up today. 队员名单将于今天张榜公布。
柱子、桩子a row of fence posts一排篱笆桩
岗位、职务、哨所leave / quit one’s post离开岗位stick to one’s post坚守岗位
77practice练习; 实践(n / v) 作为该意义的名词是不可数)惯例,习惯做法a common practice  通常做法
an international practice 国际惯例
习惯  it was the practice这就是当时的习惯
the practice of going to bed late 晚睡的习惯
the practice to do sth做某事的习惯
make a practice of养成…习惯
78produce  生产, 制造提出;拿出;出示  to produce one’s ticket 出示票
produce any proof of your nationality出示有关你国藉的任何证件
导致;引起; 带来Hard work often produces good results. 努力工作经常会有好结果。
产品;(总称)农产品)  George’s jokes produced a great deal of laughter.乔治的笑话引起了哄堂大笑。
The wine bottle was marked ‘Produce of Spain.’ 酒瓶标明“西班牙产品”
79promise允诺, 答应 (n/v)预示;预兆  Early mist promises fair weather. 晨雾预示好天气。
(有)希望,(有)前途(n/ vi)  a young player of great promise.一个很有前途的年轻演员
a research item that promises well大有前途的研究项目
 补充: promising 有前途的
80  pronounce发音宣称;宣告  pronounce the picture to be a forgery. 断言这幅画是膺品。The priest pronounced them man and wife.神父宣布他们已结为夫妇。
宣判pronounce sentence of death …宣判…死刑 The judge pronounced sentence on the prisoner. 法官对囚犯宣告判决。
81raise提高,提升 (钱等的) 筹募;筹集raise funds筹集资金  
提出raise a question提出问题
饲养、种植、养育raise corn and soybeans.种玉米和大豆
raise chickens and corn 养鸡和种植玉蜀黍 raise children.抚养孩子
引起raise a laugh引起一阵大笑
raise doubts引起怀疑
82reach到达(vt); 伸出(将身体的一部分)联系    I’ve been trying all day to reach him on the telephone.(reach=get through to)我整天都在打电话找他.
(手/能力可及之)距离、范围  within reach of the shops 买东西很方便的地方The ball was out of reach. 我够不着这个球。within one’s reach/ out of one’s reach
达成(结论、协议)reach an agreement达成协议
reach no conclusion 没有得出结论
延伸, 达到(to, into)    The speaker’s voice didn’t reach to the back of the hall.讲演者的声音传不到大厅的后座。 The garden reaches down to the lake. 花园一直延伸到湖边。
流域  the upper/lower reaches of a river 河的上游/ 下游
83ready有准备的, 准备完毕的1、甘心的, 情愿的  He was ready to believe her.他愿意相信她 He is always ready to help others.他总是乐于帮助他人。
2、随时可有的,现成的;在手边ready money /cash现金
sleep with his sword ready睡觉时把剑放在身边
84read读, 朗读、阅读看懂, 理解  It’s hard to read the expression on his face. 难以理解他脸上的表情。
How do you read the sentence?你怎样理解这句话?
I can’t read your short-hand notes.我看不懂你的速记符号。
Read the clock 看钟
Read a map  看地图
Read music 识乐谱
2、显示The thermometer reads 80 degrees Fahrenheit.温度计显示华氏80度。
85realize意识到;明白实现realize the modernization of their country. 实现国家现代化。
realized his lifelong ambition 实现他毕生的理想
86recognize认出; 认识; 辨认承认;认可to recognize a new government 承认一个新政府
He recognized that he was beaten.他认输了。
87reduce减少[小, 轻]; 缩减、降低(价格等)使处于某种状态; 使变成, 使成为be reduced to a shadow骨瘦如柴
be reduced to despair陷入绝望
The poor woman is reduced to begging.那个可怜的女人已沦为乞丐。
89refer谈[涉, 提]及, 提到, 指(的是);参考、查阅(与to 连用)1、提交, 委托    refer a question to an expert把问题提交给专家(处理)
The shop referred the complaint to the manufacturers. 商店把投诉转交给制造商。
2、向…打听[查询](与to 连用)refer to sb. for information 向某人打听消息
90regard把…视为, 看作;1、尊重, 尊敬 (v / n)regard sb. highly尊重某人
pay regard to public opinion重视舆论
out of regard for出于对…的重视, 出于对…的考虑
2、[pl. ]问候, 致意(n)with best regards谨致问候
Please give my regards to your mother. 请向你妈妈问候。 注意: 考纲中要求掌握:remember me to sb. 代向某人问好
91regular有规律的;定期的, 定时的;经常的, 习惯性的, 惯例的;3、[美]普通的  Do you want king size cigarettes or regular size? 你要长枝的还是一般(长短)的香烟?
 keep regular hours过有规律的生活
a regular air service定期航班
a regular customer老主顾
a regular meeting例会
92relation关系亲戚;亲属; 亲属关系  Some of my relations, my mother’s aunt and uncle, live in America.我有些亲戚,如我母亲的姑姑和叔叔,住在美国。
93relative有关的, 相关的相对的, 相比较的live in relative comfort生活得较为舒适
the period of relative stability相对稳定时期
2、亲戚relative = relation
 补充:the facts relative to the problem 与此问题有关的事实
94remain依然, 仍然. ;保持;(be still)1、停留, 留下    remain in one’s mind留在记忆中
How many weeks will you remain [stay] here?你将在此停留几个星期?
remain out呆在外面, 留在户外
remain in呆在家里
2、剩余, 余留;Only a few trees remain.只留下了一些树
 These matters remain in doubt.这些事情仍然值得怀疑。
A cure remains to be found.尚待发现的疗法 It remains to be seen还要看情况发展。
it remains to be seen尚待分晓
Nothing remains but to只要…就行了注意: 该词只有不及物用法,没有被动; Nothing remains but to do it in this way.
remaining( adj.剩下的)
95respect尊敬;尊重 (v /n)1、[pl. ]敬意, 问候give one’s respects to向…致候
2、着眼点, 方面    I think you are wrong in every respect .我觉得你各方面都错了。
in all respects (=in every respect)无论在哪方面[哪一点]来看, 在各方面
in many respects在许多方面
3、重视, 关心, 考虑We must pay respect to the needs of the general reader我们必须关心一般读者的需要。
96roll滚动,(使)摇摆, 卷起;轧碾; 杆面(v) roll up the map. 把地图卷起来。
She rolled the string into a ball. 她把线卷成一团。
滚; 摇摆, 卷状物; 卷 (学校、军队等的)点名簿; 名单 He rolled himself from side to side. 他左右摇晃。
  a roll of film 一卷电影胶片
call the roll 点名
student roll 学生名册
The thunder rolled in the distance.远处雷声隆隆。(隆隆地响)
a roll of thunder 隆隆的雷声
rock-and-roll n.摇滚乐, 摇滚舞
97rush猛冲,奔跑,快速移动或行动;(v)  急忙;仓促(n)仓促;匆忙 冒失地做; 仓促完成,赶紧做 (v)rushed completion of the project. 仓促完成这个项目
rush headlong(轻率地)into marriage. 仓促轻率地结了婚。
rush to make a decision仓促做决定
催促(v)Don’t rush me. 别催我。
 An ambulance rushed her to the hospital. 救护车把它急匆匆地送到医院
蜂拥、急切而焦急地到或离开某个地方(n)a rush to the goldfields.淘金热
gold rush淘金热  
抢购、急需 (n)抢购热潮Christmas rush 圣诞节抢购热潮
a rush for gold coins.抢购金币
忙碌、普遍的繁忙或忙碌 (n)  The office always operates in a rush.办公室的工作总是很繁忙
The traffic on the streets during the rush hours came to a standstill. 高峰期间马路上的交通车辆处于停止状态
       1、rush sb. off his feet逼迫人忙得不亦乐乎 2、rush out赶制出They rushed out 1000 copies of the book. 他们赶印出1000册书。 3、I don’t like the rush of modern life. 我不喜欢快节奏的现代生活。
98save挽救, .解救 节省, 储蓄 保存, 保全, 保留,1.免除,避免save me much trouble 免去我很多麻烦  saved the tourist from being cheated 使旅游者免于受骗save sb. from 从…救出某人, 使免于[不致, 不受]…
 save one’s face保全面子
save one’s neck明哲保身
She saves (vi)in every way she can 她在各方面尽量节省。
(God)save us!(表示惊讶)天啊!
save (one’s) breath别白费劲儿。
99seat座, 座位(n) 使就座1. (桌子)有座位;(屋子)可容纳若干人;为…提供座位The big table can seat 20 guests. The hall can only seat less than 100 people. We can seat 300 in the auditorium. 我们这个礼堂可容纳三百人
2、使或帮助…坐下; 给…安排座位seat the members of the bride’s family.引座员会引导新娘的家人就座
seat me in the back row. 给我在后排提供一个座位。
 seat oneself ; be seated ; find sb. seated at the back of the room;the people seated in the front 注意seat 的用法,该词为及物动词。考试说明中有要求掌握:be seated。
100seek寻找,寻求(常与for/ after 连用) 企图,试图;图谋求得请 求,征求I will seek my doctor’s advice. 我将请教医生的意见。
seek directions from a police officer. 向警官询问方向
Seek and you will find. 找一找,你就会发现
seek shelter from rain寻找避雨的地方 seeking information; 查询信息
He sought to make peace. 他企图讲和。seek to do good.试图行善
seek help求助
注意seek 的过去式和过去分词 sought;
101sense官能, 感觉 ……感1、意义(n)in a sense在某一方面;就某种意义来说 make sense有意义;意思清楚;有道理 make sense of理解;懂;明白
2、感觉;觉察,意识到(v)He sensed that his proposals were unwelcome. 他觉得他的建议不受欢迎。
The dog sensed that I was afraid. 这只狗感觉到我害怕了。
Sense the danger察觉到危险
 a high sense of responsibility to the revolution 高度的革命责任感
common sense常识[理]
There is a lot of sense in what he says.他的话颇有道理。
102sentence句子判决, 宣判(v / n) 刑罚(n)sentence sb. to death判处某人死刑sentence sb. to 5 years in prison判处某人5年徒刑
under sentence of death被判处死刑
serve one’s sentence服刑
capital sentence极刑, 死刑
a life sentence无期徒刑,终身监禁
He received a heavy sentence. 他受到很重的刑罚。
103serve服务(vt), 服役(vi)1、提供,准备(如食物):serve breakfast供应早餐
2、可做;适于This box will serve for a seat. 这箱子可当作座椅。
This platform would serve as a port and a railway station.这个平台将用作港口和火车站。
3、上(菜); 斟(酒)serve coffee hot把咖啡趁热端上来 serve tea.上茶
4、担任职务serve as an interpreter担任译员
 It serves him right.他活该。
serve the people heart and soul全心全意地为人民服务
104service服役; 服务1、公职部门;政府部门;服务机构China Travel Service中国旅行社
The US Customs Service美国海关总署
the security service 保安部
2、仪式;宗教仪式Morning service will be at 11 o’clock. 早礼拜将在11点进行。
3、公共设施   服务行业the telephone service 电话设施
The train service to the capital is very good. 去首都的火车服务设施非常好。
Service station (美)加油站
 on active service 服现役
at your service听您吩咐;随时供您使用
do sb. a service给某人帮忙
105settle解决, (使)定居使平静, 使镇定[稳定]settle (oneself) down to work安下心来工作
停留, 停息The bird settled on the wire.鸟停在电线上。
106sharp锐利的,尖的;(目光)敏锐的;(思维)敏捷的;(言词)尖刻的准时地;整(adv)at seven o’clock sharp 七点整
突然的;急剧的a sharp turn to the left 向左急转
a sharp decline急剧下降
a sharp turn急转弯
a sharp pain.剧痛
a sharp picture 清晰图像
 补充: be sharp in thought思维敏捷。”
107shoulder肩, 肩部用肩抗;肩负, 承当shoulder the heavy boxes肩抗重盒 shoulder the responsibility承担责任
用肩推,挤  shoulder people aside  用肩膀把人挤开 shoulder one’s way through the crowd 用肩从人群中挤过
 补充:shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩
108sign标记, 符号,牌子,告示;征兆, 迹象;签名; 签署1、身势,姿势;信号(n)He made a sign for me to follow him. 他向我示意跟着他(走)。
2、做手势示意(vi / vt)He signed to /for me to be quiet. He signed me to be quiet.他做手势要我安静。
 There are no signs of life about the house. 这房子没有有人住的迹象。
sign in签到 sign out签名登记外出
sign up for military service 报名从军
sign up for a pottery course.报名参加陶器制作课程
109solid固体, 立体(n).固体的, 实心的, 坚固的, 结实的, 立体的(adj)不间断的;连续的two solid hours足足两个小时
真实的, 可靠的, 理由充分的a solid friend可靠的朋友
solid arguments理由充分的论点
110sortn.种类, 类别  分类, 拣选;整理“Sort out these papers and fasten them together with a clip, please.” “请把这些文件整理一下,用夹子夹在一起。”
 补充:有几分;有点;相当(Somewhat; rather) I sort of expected it. 我料到几分了。 He is sort of disappointed. 他有点失望。
111sound声音(n) 听起来(vi)  使发声[响] 吹号命令[通知, 庆祝], 吹…号sound a horn吹号角
sound the alarm发警报
完好的;健全的A sound mind in a sound body.健全的精神寓于健全的身体。
get home safe and sound平安到家
合理的,正确的sound advice 正确的忠告
可靠的,稳妥的sound basis 稳固的基础
sound friends 忠实的朋友
彻底的,完全的A sound sleep 酣睡
彻底地;充分地be sound asleep
    His explanation sounds all right. 他的解释似乎有理。Your idea sounds a good one. 你的想法听起来很好。sound a good idea / like a good idea.不用: sound to be a good idea
112spare备用的; .多余的, 剩下的节约, 吝惜(用于否定)spare no efforts [pains]不遗余力 spare no expense不惜工本
放过, 饶恕He does not spare himself.他对自已要求很严。spare sb.’s life
免除;使省去He did the work to spare you the trouble. 他做了那件事使你免去麻烦。
抽出,匀出;让与Can you spare me this book for a while? 这本书能让我看一会儿吗?
Can you spare me a few litres of petrol? 你能匀给我几公升汽油吗?
Can you spare the time to help me?你能抽出这段时间帮我吗?
1)in your spare time ; a spare tire 备用轮胎a spare ticket退票
2)to spare剩余;多余 We paid our bills and had money to spare.我们付帐后还有节余
113spring春天泉水,泉a hot spring温泉
弹簧, 发条 弹性;弹力The spring has run down.钟表发条走完了。
跳跃, 跳起(n/ v)She sprang out of her chair to greet her father. 她从椅子上跳起来迎接她父亲。
有弹性的; 弹簧的a spring mattress.弹簧垫子
114stage.舞台发展的进程, 阶段或时期at an early stage in our history 在我们的历史早期
 The stage is her life.演艺事业是她的生命(前面与the连用)
演员生涯go on the stage 当演员
115stand站立; 座落, 屹立于忍受;经受I cannot stand waiting [to wait] any longer.再等下去我可受不了啦。stand the test of time经受时间的考验
处于某种状态The matter stands thus.事情就是这样。 How do matters stand? 情况如何?
身高;高度为He stands six feet in his socks. 他穿袜(脱鞋)时身高六英尺。 The building stands over 200 feet high
立场;主张take a firm stand on sth .对…采取坚定立场
架; 台; 摊;看台上的观众(pl)a fruit stand水果摊a music stand乐谱架 a launching stand(火箭)发射台He kicked the ball into the stands.他把球踢到了看台上
 stand by在场;靠近 ;袖手旁观 (无线电台或军事方面)待命,准备行动; 极力支持;忠于;信守to stand by one’s promise 遵守诺言stand out明显;醒目 ;突出;杰出 stand up for维护;拥护;支持
116state国家, 政府, 州; 国家的, 国有的, 国营的, 州的, 状态声明, 陈述, 规定“Please state your name, age and occupation on the form.”请在表上填写你的姓名、年龄和职业。
规定;指定  only to be used on the stated date 只能在指定日期使用
 Everything was in a state of disorder. (状态) 一切都处于紊乱状态。
In China, the railways are owned by the state. 在中国,铁路是国有的。(国家)
117stickn.棍, 棒,粘住, 粘贴Stick no bills. 请勿张贴
vt.刺, 戳Stick the knife into the right side
伸出(v)Stick out your tongue.伸出舌头
stick out of the water 伸出水面
卡住、困住He was stuck by the question.他被这个问题难住了。The key stuck in the lock. 钥匙卡在锁里。
 stick to粘住,坚持,忠于
Stick to basic principles.坚持基本原则
Stick to one’s own opinion 坚持自己地观点。
118store商店, 店铺贮藏, 贮备, 存储(n / v)conserve one’s strength and store up one’s energy养精蓄锐
a mind well-stored with facts见闻广博的人The shed will store 30 tons of coal.这个棚子能容纳30吨煤。
大量,许多a store of knowledge 丰富的知识
 in store存储着;预备着
Who knows what the future has in store for us?谁知道我们将来会怎么样?
119strength力,力量;强度浓度;强度alcoholic / working strength 酒精强度/ 劳动强度
强项,长处strengths and weaknesses 优点与缺点
 补充:with all one’s strength 尽力,全力
I haven’t had the strength to lift this table. 我没有力气抬这张桌子。
120strike        打, 打击; 打动划燃strike a match.划燃火柴
突然想到; 猛然悟到An idea suddenly struck me. 我心中忽然产生一个念头。
(疾病、地震、洪水等)侵袭;袭击The earthquake struck the city in the night.
(钟)敲响报(时The clock struck nine.钟敲了九下。
He struck me with a stick. 他用棍子打我。
Strike while the iron is hot.趁热打铁;趁机行事。
121subject题目, 主题, 科目, 学科, [语法]主语受实验者the subject of an experiment实验对象
易受[遭, 患]… 的 be subject to cold 易患感冒
be subject to damage 易受损伤
使服从, 使隶属(to) (v)subject another’s will to one’s own 使别人的意志服从己意
受…支配的, 附属的subject to the law of the land受国家法律的管辖的
be subject to taxation应纳税
The schedule is subject to change without notice. “时间表随时可能改变,不另行通知。 注:(be) subject to 服从, 以…为条件, 受…的支配; 须经, 必须得到;易遭[受,发生]
122succeed成功继…之后; 接替; 继承; 接着…发生succeed sb. as secretary继某人任书记
Day succeeds day.日复一日。
He had no son to succeed him.他没有儿子继承他。
(常与to连用)继位;继承;继任succeed to a fortune 继承大笔遗产
to succeed to the throne 继承王位
 succeed sb. as继某人出任(某职)
succeed sb. in继某人接掌(某职权); 袭某人爵位[官衔]
succeed to继承
123tense紧张的, 拉紧的; [语法]时态v.(使)紧张, (使)拉紧He tensed his muscles for the leap.他拉紧了他的肌肉准备跳跃。
He tensed as he heard it slow down.他听到它慢下来时变得很紧张。
124termn.学期,期间,期限,特定的期间a term of office 任期
to get a term of seven years in prison 被判7年徒刑
He was made captain of the football team for a term of one year. 他被推选为足球队队长,任期一年。
名词;术语technical terms 专门名词,术语
(pl) 合同或协议书的条件、条款、细则come to terms with 与…达成协议
If you agree to my terms — free meals and good wages — I will work for you. 如果你同意我的条件,免费用餐并给高薪,我就为你工作。
vt 称为;把…叫做His life may be termed happy. 他的生活可称之为幸福。
   in the long term从长远的观点看
in the short term从眼前的观点看
in terms of以…的观点;就…而说
on good terms好的关系
on bad terms坏的关系
on speaking terms友好的关系
on friendly terms友善的关系
on equal terms同等
125thirsty渴的,口渴的渴望的(for)He is thirsty for power.他渴望掌权。
126tight紧的, 绷紧的,不漏水(不透气)的a tight boat  不漏水的
(比赛)势均力敌的A tight race / game 不分胜负的赛跑/比赛
棘手的,麻烦的,困难的In a tight corner/ place / spot处境困难
127track轨迹, 车辙, 航迹, 足迹, 小路,小径 轨道,铁轨 路线;轨迹;跑道跟踪,追踪,尾随track game through the forest. 追踪猎物穿过森林
The hunter followed the animal’s tracks. 猎人追踪动物的足迹。
128trade贸易, 商业, 交易, 生意 职业, 行业,(常与in, with连用)交易;贸易;做买卖We trade with other countries. 我们和其他国家做生意。  
  以…换取… (sth.for sth.); 同某人交换某物(sth. with sb.)trade seats with sb和某人对换座位
trade space for time以空间换取时间
If you don’t like your book, I’ll trade with you.如果你不喜欢你的书, 我和你对换。
129treasuren.财宝, 财富, 珍品, 财产vt.珍爱, 珍惜, 储藏, 珍藏treasure sth. up in one’s memory 铭记某事 I treasure your friendship.我珍惜你的友谊。
He treasures the watch his mother gave him.他珍爱母亲送给他的表。
130treat对待;看待治疗to treat an illness 治病
处置;用,使用Glass must be treated carefully. 玻璃必须小心使用。
宴请, 招待, 款待,做东treat sb. to an ice-cream请某人吃一杯冰淇淋
I’ll treat myself to a sunbath.我要好好地享受一次日光浴。
treat his guests with courtesy; 殷勤地招待他的客人;
This is my treat.这次由我请客。
stand treat 负担请客的费用,请客
131type类型打字,用打字机打出to type a letter 用打字机打一封信
132value价值估价;评价; 尊重, 重视I valued the house at 50,000 yuan.我估计这所房子值五万元。
I have always valued his advice.我一向尊重他的指教。
133voice声音, 嗓音 [语法]语态发言权have a voice in this matter.对这件事有发言权
vt.表达, 吐露voice different opinions about it对此发表不同的看法。
He voiced the feelings of the crowd. 他表达出群众的情绪。
 补充:with one voice异口同声;一致地 Our group rejected the proposal with one voice.我们小组一致反对提议
134  wave波, 波浪; 飘扬;摇摆(常与to连用)招手,挥手(致意)He waved desperately to his companion.他绝望地向他的伙伴挥了挥手。
She waved her hand to say good-bye. 她挥手告别。
He waved to us to stop.他挥手叫我们停住。
wave sb. a greeting挥手向某人致意
卷(头发)Her hair waves naturally. 她的头发卷得很自然。
 补充:The red flag is waving in the breeze. 红旗迎风飘扬。
135weather天气度过(暴风雨, 困难等); 经受住weather the storm 战胜暴风雨
We have weathered another war. 我们又度过了一场战争。
 补充:under the weather有病;不舒服;难过
136weighvt.称…重量, 称 vi.重(若干)起(锚)to weigh anchor 起锚
考虑, 斟酌; 衡量weigh the matter seriously认真考虑这件事 weigh the advantages & disadvantages权衡利弊
重压, 压下The fruit weighed the branches down. 果子压得树枝下垂。
 补充:weigh heavy [light]称起来分量重[轻] This box weighs five kilogrammes.这只箱子重五公斤。
His words weighed heavily with me.他的话对我很有分量。
137when当…时虽然,尽管She stopped short when she ought to have continued.尽管她应该继续下去,她却突然停住了。
We have only three books when we need five.虽然我们需要五本书, 却只有三本。 Why use wood when you can use plastic? 既然能用塑料, 为什么还要用木料?
138while当…时;一会儿;然而(表对比性转折)尽管,虽然:While the grandparents love the children, they are strict with them.“虽然祖父母们都爱他们的孩子,但却对他们要求严格”While I understand what you say, I can’t agree with you. 虽然我理解你的意思,但我还是不同意。
139whole全部, 全体, 整体, 完整的, 完全的adv.完全, 整个a whole new idea. 全新的想法
swallow sth. whole全盘接受;生吞活剥
 补充:Three whole years整整三年
the whole truth全部真相as a whole整个看来 on the whole总的看来
140wide宽的全部地,充分地The children were still wide awake, when the clock struck twelve for the New Year’s Day. 当新年的钟声敲响十二下时孩子们仍然完全醒着。Open one’s eyes wide睁大眼睛
141wind蜿蜒前进wind one’s way. The path winds through the woods. 这条路蜿蜒穿过树林。
把…上紧;把…拧;.绕, 缠, 上发条, 旋紧wind a clock 给表上紧发条
wind the line off the reel.把线从线轴上解开来
142word字, 词, 话 诺言消息,No word has come from the battle front. 前线还没有消息传来。
Word came that they failed again.有消息说他们又失败了。
Please send me word of your arrival.
143work工作(pl) 工厂a gas works 煤气厂
(pl)工事defense works防御工事
著作,作品Shakespeare’s works 莎士比亚著作
a work of art 一件艺术品
奏效;起作用Does this method work? 这种方法有效吗?
144worth值钱的, 值的; 值得…的价值(n)ten dollars’ worth of apples the worth of higher education.高等教育的价值
books of real worth 真正有价值的书
 It is worth while visiting [to visit] the place.这地方值得参观。
It is worth while to discuss [discussing] the problem.这个问题值得讨论一下。

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